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Why We Love Spring on Cape Cod

Don't let the snow fool you, spring is right around the corner! Spring Here are some of the reasons why Cape Cod is beautiful in the spring. When you're here, no matter the season, one thing is certain, you will enjoy yourself.  We love spring for a lot of reasons and we think you should too!

Cape Cod in the Spring

Smell the Flowers

In the spring, flowers start to blossom! Cape cod brings a lot of beautiful flowers in bloom and when you're here make sure you stop and smell the flowers. You can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing walk around the inn with warmer spring air.

New Restaurants

All of the local restaurants that closed in the winter will be starting to open up again. Most restaurants have new spring specials with the new menu items they want to try out and see what people think of them. Get ready for bowls of chowder, oysters, lobster rolls, & fried clams.

Get Active

After being stuck inside all winter, get outside and explore! Cape Cod has great bike trails and beach walks for some fresh air. Getting outside is a great way to enjoy the beautiful spring scenery. There are plenty of scenic trails to see on the cape for everyone.


Although Cape Cod is fun all year - the spring is perfect because you can enjoy all the perks of summer with few visitors. This means fewer people on the beaches, in lines at restaurants, and less traffic on your way down.

Watch the Wildlife

There are a few birds that stick around for Cape Cod winters, but most of them leave to go somewhere warmer, and in the spring all of them come back. It’s a great activity which makes it fun to sit around and watch all the birds come back. The peeper frogs also come back out during the spring, and if you find yourself hearing them, it’s a sign that spring has arrived.

Go Fishing

Fishing on the cape is a popular activity throughout the year. Cape Cod offers both options for fresh or saltwater fishing, with the most common fish trout, tuna, and bass.

Hunt for the Perfect Seashell

Spring is the best time to search along the seashore for the perfect seashell and even sea glass that was washed up during winter storms. Come see us in the spring for first dibs on the best seashells and sea glass.

We are so excited to welcome spring at the Sea Meadow Inn! If you will be staying with us in the spring let us know if you want more springtime activities. We have plenty to offer. If you have questions about the inn or would like to book you can call us at 508-896-2223 or book directly online.

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