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What Are Weekend Getaway Essentials?

When planning a spontaneous weekend getaway, it’s hard to pack. What are the essentials? Or things you will wish you would have brought when you’ve arrived? This way, you know what you’ll always need and the rest is left for fun and relaxation. Here are the essentials you will need for a perfect weekend getaway.

Weekend Getaway Essentials

A weekend-size bag

This is essential because it won’t let you overpack. If you are going away for two nights, there’s no reason you’ll need to pack a 50 lb suitcase. A good rule of thumb is that wheels shouldn’t be necessary, if you can’t carry the bag, then you’ve overpacked.

A book or Magazine

A weekend full of relaxing can be filled with a book or magazine, and even if you don’t read it all the way through it will promote the feeling of slowing down which is a big reason why we feel it’s so necessary to take weekend getaways.

A bathing suit

No matter what time of year you take a weekend getaway - a swimsuit is always needed. You may be surprised with a warm day when you aren’t expecting it or you may spontaneously treat yourself to a spa day. Either way, you’ll want to be prepared with a bathing suit and not be forced to buy one you aren’t crazy about.

Versatile Clothing

You’ll want to make sure you bring something for a nicer dinner, just in case. But also some clothing where you can add a shirt or sweater over the outfit to dress it up or down. By doing this, you will be able to pack lighter.

A Camera

Sure, your phone has a camera but there’s something about being on vacation and taking real photos. You may be forced to print them or transfer them to your phone later which will let you relive the memories of the getaway.

Gym Shoes

This doesn’t mean you have to workout while you’re on vacation, but if there’s a little trail near where you’re staying or someplace you want to go where sturdy shoes would come in handy - it’s best to always be prepared. Plus, getting active on a shorter trip can make the trip feel longer.


How fun is it to receive mail that isn’t bills? We bet you have someone who would appreciate getting a postcard from your destination. By having stamps you are able to buy a postcard and write it out before you buy it and forget about it. And the person receiving it will feel honored that you thought about them while you were on vacation.

If you will be staying with us at The Sea Meadow Inn for a weekend and have questions about what you'll need, reach out to us! We want to make your stay with us the best it can be. For more information visit our website, or contact us at 508-896-2223

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