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Why The Sea Meadow Inn Is The Perfect Winter Destination

As New Englanders alike are desperately trying to escape the cold and winter months, at The Sea Meadow Inn, we know we're at the place to be! Instead of escaping the cold, we're cozying up and finding things to occupy our time to enjoy the winter months. Our area is proven to be a beautiful and enjoyable destination no matter what time of year it may be. We use this time to enjoy the quiet and relaxing scenery.

Here's our Favorite Winter Activities:

  • Cape Cod Rail Trail. This is a 22-mile stretch where you can walk, run, or ride through Cape Cod where there is plenty to see along the way. You also go through both state and national parks while on the trail.  If there is enough snow, people are often seen cross country skiing on this trail or riding horses. 
  • Go to a museum. Cape Cod is full of museums for all ages and interests. The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History is a museum where you can learn about the environment and formation of Cape Cod, it's great for both adults and kids alike. There is also the Cape Cod Children’s Museum, where children are welcome to learn and explore all of the exhibits. The Museum of Art displays lots of art from local New England artists & focused on art in the surrounding areas of Cape Cod. The Sandwich Glass Museum is popular because of their live glass blowing show every hour, where you can see how glass is blown in real time along with the evolution of the art of glass blowing. 
  • See the Woods Hole Aquarium. This aquarium is the oldest aquarium in the United States and showcases lots of different animals from seals to fish and everything else that's found in the Atlantic Ocean. 
  • Go beer tasting. Cape Cod Beer is a popular destination and they offer a free tour of their brewing facilities once a day at 11 am, where you can sample the beer for only $5. 
  • Take the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory Tour. Cape Cod potato chips are famous for a reason, they are delicious and locally made! They are one of the top-selling chips in the United States since they first opened in the 1900s. They offer a free self-guided tour of the factory. 
  • Enjoy the Inn. If you are in need a warm and cozy getaway - where you don't want to layer up
There is no comparison that Cape Cod in the summer is a popular destination, but don't let the colder weather keep you from seeing the beauty in the winter as well! We are open year round and keep it cozy with our many fireplaces. From getting outside to staying in, you will be able to escape your normal winter routine and enjoy yourself. Let us know how we can make your stay more enjoyable while you are here. To book your room or with any questions, you can call us at 508-896-2223 or contact us on our website. We hope to see you soon! 
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