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Our Toasty Tips For Staying Warm This Winter

At The Sea Meadow Inn, we are in full swing of the winter months that New England brings. We don't think that since the temperatures have dropped that it should result in being miserable and not enjoying yourself. We've come up with these toasty tips to stay warm this winter and to enjoy yourself! 

1. Stay active, even when it's freezing. If you're like most of us, then we like to hunker down and stay put during the cold months. It's important to stay healthy during the winter months, even if you do in-home workouts instead of being outside. There is also a lot of snow activities that get you active, like skiing or snow shoveling. 

2. Warm yourself from the inside out. If you are just coming in from the frigid temperatures outside then pour yourself a cup of hot tea or coffee to let your body warm itself up. 

3. Have a baking day. Not only will you be providing your friends and family with yummy baked goods, but using the oven also heats up your whole house. 

4. Layer up. It's true what they say when you wear more layers it helps keep your body heat around you. This means doubling up on socks, layering with sweaters & vests, wearing hats and gloves. Whatever you can layer up on, your body will thank you!

5. Have your windows covered. By adding curtains over your windows you are helping keep the warm air in and the cold air outside. This is providing another layer between your home and the outside cold weather. 

6. Indulge in a new hobby. Have you been wanting to read a new book series? Or learn how to knit? Something to keep you inside and occupied will help winter go by fast! 

7. Escape the routine. By going on a little getaway it feels like you are escaping the cold even when you are just switching up your routine. 

If you are planning a winter getaway, we have everything to keep you warm! Come stay with us to escape the cold weather's routine of staying inside your home all winter! You can book online. If you have any questions, contact us at 508-896-2223 or on our website.
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