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Why You Should Travel To Cape Cod In The Winter

Cape Cod is a popular tourist destination in the summer months, the beautiful beaches, and numerous shopping areas bring in people by the thousands. If you’ve been to the cape during these months, you know how beautiful & let’s face it, crowded it can be. With November halfway over, we can’t stop with the beauty that Cape Cod brings in the winter. So here’s why you should travel to Cape Cod this winter!

  1. It’s quiet & peaceful. Without the extra thousands of people coming to the Cape at it’s peak times of popularity - you are able to breathe and really see how peaceful and beautiful it is. You can hear waves crashing, and seagulls flying.

  2. It’s not crowded. Have you been to the cape from Boston or surrounding areas and it’s taken you 5 hours when it’s supposed to take a little over an hour. This won’t be the case. Have you been in the summer and looked at the beach and it be filled with people? This won’t be the case - you may even get an empty beach.

  3. You can get to know the locals. With so many of the locals working nonstop during the summertime, you may not get a chance to sit down and talk to them. After all, they live there, probably been and tried everywhere - what better advice on Cape Cod do you need?

  4. There’s plenty of things to do to keep warm. From bundling up by the fire enjoying a hot chocolate to touring the museums, or trying to find the best clam chowder on Cape Cod. The possibilities are endless. It can get chilly - we recommend being prepared for cold weather and bundling up!

  5. Reduced rates. Since the Cape brings in most of their visitors during the summer months - that’s when rates at hotels, the ferries, everything goes up. Some places make their living strictly on summer guests. While us at The Sea Meadow Inn are here year round!

If you are thinking about traveling to Cape Cod during the winter - call us and we are happy to make your stay enjoyable (& warm!) as possible. Call us at 508-896-2223 or contact us on our website. We can share with you why we think it’s the best time to explore and visit Cape Cod.

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