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Signs You Need A Vacation

If you're like most people, you're bad at planning and taking a vacation. And then once you're there, you're bad at relaxing, unplugging, and taking in the moment. If you can't remember the last time you went on a vacation, chances are that means you should go on one. We have guests stay with us who haven't been on a vacation in years! Here are some signs if you see, then you should book your next vacation. Don't ignore what your body, and life, is telling you. 

1. You look like your passport picture. This means no smiling, mundane face, and look like you haven't slept in weeks. We all know what we think of when you look like you're not enjoying the days, and just going through the routine. This starts to become a problem when it's day after day. 

2. You are tired every day no matter how much you sleep. When your body runs constantly throughout the day, and for long hours on end. The normal amount of sleep you are getting may not be enough if your body feels like every day it gets no rest. 

3. Or you are struggling to sleep. Sleep issues are a common sign of being overworked or being stressed because you are not letting your body completely relax as it should when you sleep. 

4. Your body is in pain. If you are getting headaches, your back hurts, or anything on your body is constantly hurting. Or if you find yourself getting sick more often, and still continue to go to work. Getting away can help with your overall health. 

5. You are making more mistakes. When your mind is running in 5 directions at once, it's hard to completely focus on one thing and thus make more mistakes. This could mean you need to take a mental break and recharge your energy to focus it in all the right places. 

6. Little problems turn into huge problems. And this may not be in the case in real life, but in your mind, these little problems are causing a lot of stress or become overwhelming to you. For example, if you drop your purse and everything falls out all over the floor. This may not be ideal, but to you, this may seem like the worst thing, this is a clear sign you need a vacation. 

If you are thinking about planning a stress-free vacation, The Sea Meadow Inn is a perfect place for you to go! Let us know how we can help you relax and for you to enjoy your time away from work and life. Contact us today to book your reservation or feel free to call us at 508-896-2223.


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