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How To Plan A Romantic Getaway

A romantic getaway is something most couples dream of but don’t go through with planning. There is nothing like getting away from the everyday activities of life and to spend quality time with each other. Sure date nights are great, but when it’s overnight and longer than a couple hours you are able to really enjoy your time.

Steps to planning your romantic getaway

First you have to pick a location, do you want to go somewhere far or close? A quick car ride or will it require a plane? These are all important details because it can impact the length of time spent on your getaway, if you are traveling farther then we recommend a longer getaway vs. a shorter distance you are able to start to enjoying time together faster so a shorter stay seems longer.

Choose your time of year

If you are choosing a popular destination, it may be beneficial to go not during their peak season because you are able to relax more and spend quality time with each other. If being in a warm climate is important to you, then you are able to mentally prepare for more people and a busier time.

Be picky on where you stay

We say this because as a romantic getaway sounds quiet and peaceful - where you stay can compliment this or completely destroy the thought. If you think you are going to be enjoying a nice night by the pool, sipping a cocktail, but if you keep getting splashed by kids, is that how you want to spend it?

Decide together what are “musts”

A spa day, a hike in the woods, a boozy brunch, a movie night in bed, all things that should be decided together so that you both are doing something you want and can enjoy whatever you decide on, together.

Take lots of pictures

This is a getaway to remember and the best way to remember is to take as many pictures as you can - that way you can go back and relive each moment. This will also help to make every moment special and remind you to soak up the time you have together. This also serves as a great holiday or birthday present to make a photo album or scrapbook of this.

Whether you’re a pro at taking romantic getaways or this is your first one, we want to make this special for you and your significant other. Contact us today and we will do whatever we can to make your time spent with us special.

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