Whale Watching

Jim and I had the chance to take the cruise out of Provincetown with Whale Watch (www.whalewatch.com) recently. Even though the whale watching season is coming to a close with the whales migrating south, we were lucky enough to find 2 humpback whales. It was a picture perfect day and my only regret is that I didn’t have the right lens for my camera to take close-up shots.

We started out from the dock in Provincetown expecting rougher seas beyond the harbor, but it was almost a glassy sea.  The captain did mention as we were returning that we had gone well beyond the usual distance to find the whales, but it didn’t seem that long.  With a warm sun on the upper deck, some good refreshments from the galley below, and a relatively empty ship, it was a pleasure sailing on the Atlantic.

Obviously, the best part of the trip was finally sighting the whales.  I’d love to share all my pictures, but I took so many, it would be too many for this blog.  Hopefully you’ll be able to see the whales in this picture on your monitor.  My pictures do little justice to the magnificent animals that we saw.


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