Rail Trail Diary

As I have promised, here are some personal insights about the Cape Cod Rail Trail that might interest some of you. Whether it is the “northern” section of woods and ponds or cranberry bogs and lakes on the “southern” section, the Rail Trail offers some scenic beauty that changes with the seasons and with the speed of your ride.  We have discovered that the faster we go along the Trail, the less we see.  Perhaps that is indicative of life in general…

In any case, we don’t have a favorite direction, but do suggest that you start at Route 137 if you are heading south towards Dennis.  If you need to rent bikes, our suggestion is the Cape Cod Rail Trail Bike Shop www.railtrailbikeshop.com.  It is a short hop to Route 137 from there and the shop is right on the Trail.

From 137, it isn’t a long ride to begin to see ponds and lakes and there is a great restaurant, Morrell’s Restaurant, just a short 7.9 miles from this starting point.  While unpretentious, the food is good and the prices are reasonable.  If you time it right, grab a nice lunch and then head back north on the Trail.  You do have a choice at the rotary to continue on to Brewster or take a side trip to Harwich.  For the long distance riders, you can eventually end up in Chatham, but I have found that trying to combine Dennis, Harwich and Chatham in one day means riding hard and fast and not enjoying the views with stops along the way.

Until some master planner comes along and figures out a way to create a loop on the Trail, you will eventually have to return the same way you rode.  Don’t be surprised if you see things you missed traveling “south”.  Your perspective will change with the direction you ride and you will be occasionally surprised that you missed a great site riding in the opposite direction.

In the next few blog posts, we’ll share information on the Trail from 137 to Eastham; the Nauset Trail spur; and the very northern end of the Trail.


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