Rail Trail #2

Back to the Trail, this installment covers 137 to Eastham.  In my estimation, this is not the best part of the Rail Trail unless you like woods and few views.  The Trail does skirt Nickerson State Park, and you can take short hops into the park, but do be aware that most of the trail system in Nickerson is hilly and more difficult than the Rail Trail.

While you do have to ride off the Trail for eats and drinks for most of this section of the Trail, the spurs aren’t that long and in my estimation the best is to Cobie’s Seafood Shack.  The only drawback is that Cobie’s isn’t that far from your starting point, so an early morning ride will mean being further along the Trail than Cobie’s. Cobie's Seafood Shack However, not all is lost because there are a number of good eating spots in downtown Orleans.

On the north side of Orleans, the trail is relatively flat and mostly wooded views.  The bridge over Route 6 is a bit steep, especially heading back south, but that is about the only real incline to conquer.  Back into the woods after the Route 6 rotary you can travel as far as you like, but this entry will end at Locust Road which is Mile 16.2 on the Trail.  Riding from 137 to Locust Road and back will cover about 16-1/2 miles if you do not take any spurs.

My next posting will cover the Nauset Trail, which is a great short ride with a spectacular view.Coast Guard Light


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