Honoring the Boston Marathon Heroes

Taken from ABC Good Morning America…

April 16, 2013

When two bombs exploded near the Boston Marathon finish line Monday, thousands of people ran for their lives and others ran straight into the chaos to help.

Carlos Arredondo and his wife were in a VIP section passing out U.S. flags to National Guard runners with Run for the Fallen Marine, an organization established to honor Marines who have been killed since the 9/11 attacks, when one of the bombs exploded right in front of them.

“My first instinct was just to run across the street and start helping people,” Arredondo, 52, told “Good Morning America” today.

He sprang into action, rushing to help a bystander who had lost both of his legs. Arredondo helped control the bleeding and stayed by the man’s side, holding his hand until help arrived.

A still-shaky Arredondo called it “a horrifying scene.”

“He’s a little bit in shock and that’s why he’s shaking,” Arredondo’s wife, Melida, 47, said.

One of the National Guard runners was in the marathon in honor of the Arredondos’ son, who was killed by sniper fire in Iraq in 2004.

This is the TRUE SPIRIT of America.  We choose to honor those who ran to help the unfortunate rather than dwell on the horror of the bombings.  Our prayers are with the victims.



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