Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch

IMGP0001Each Dolphin Fleet vessel is specifically designed for whale watching and comfort. Designed by GulfCraft, each vessel is built of aluminum with a double chine for added stability, and is powered by 3 Detroit 1271TI diesel engines. There is a sundeck on the second level and a walk out platform for viewing on the bow. There are no open rails on the boat, so you’re in the boat, not on it, with ample seating on both upper and lower decks. The interior cabin has seating for over 100 passengers and the cabin is centrally heated and air-cooled. They limit the number of passengers carried in an earnest attempt to make each trip satisfying and comfortable. The vessels are clean and the restrooms are spotless.

They serve a complete breakfast menu with eggs, bagels and a number of breakfast specials. The luncheon menu serves items such as pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, chowder and chili just to name a few items. Beer, wine and cocktails are also available. Need film or a camera? We carry that too. The galley is not overpriced and compares favorably with local vendors.

You’ll be out on the open ocean so you should bring sun block, sunglasses, and perhaps some warmer clothes. Wear sneakers or shoes with good traction. Don’t forget a camera and binoculars for that close up of whales, birds and Provincetown scenery.



Tail shot


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