Cape Rep Theater

There is a connection between the Cape Rep Theater and the Sea Meadow Inn… read next week’s entry.  Until then, below is the web page for the Mission of the Cape Rep Theater.  The theater is a real gem in Brewster.

Artists who wanted to develop a company dedicated to creativity and professionalism founded Cape Rep Theatre in 1986 and have worked hard to choose plays and musicals that continually challenge the artists who work here.  We have two theatres on 7 acres of land in Nickerson State Park in Brewster:  a 135-seat Indoor Theater and Cape Cod’s only Outdoor Theatre, a 200-seat beauty.  We produce a 5-play Indoor Theater season from May through December.   During the summer, we use the Outdoor Theater for daytime children’s shows and in the evening, we produce more mature fare “under the stars.” We make a deliberate choice to bring in artists from outside our community to keep our vision broad, our company connected to the wider world and our productions as professional and creative as possible.  We want to work with the best theater we can find.   Often our choices are works that may not ordinarily be produced because we try not to let size of cast, degree of difficulty (or relative obscurity!) step in the way of choosing a show.  And, most important, we have and will continue to produce new work. To all playwrights out there: we love producing new work!

Some of our dreams?  With the completion of the Cape House Project (click here), we will have created a home for creativity that will allow our programming to flourish!  How?

The Cape House will become central to our ability to offer artistic retreats for nationally recognized artists.  Imagine a place where a playwright can come for a residency where he or she can write a new play that will receive a full production the following season with us—this is unheard of in new play development today.  It would put Cape Rep on the forefront of the new work movement.  Book writers and lyricists could come to explore new music theatre pieces;  director/designer teams could come to delve into production ideas for old and new theatre pieces, in collaboration with our local community of artists.  The possibilities for us are endless and thrilling to imagine and would be wonderful for our audience and all Cape Cod theatre artists.

The Cape House could become the cornerstone of our educational programming.  Imagine being able to develop a year-round calendar of rotating master classes, whereby nationally and internationally recognized theatre artists come to Cape Rep to teach:  Jennifer Tipton offering a weekend exploration of lighting design; Kim Weild or Barney O’Hanlon offering a weeklong Viewpoints’ intensive.  The potential here would be fantastic for local artists and artists in the New England area.

What do we dream of at Cape Rep?  We dream of unleashing the artistic potential in our family of artists and making every production an engagement with our audiences and our community.  Audience and artist alike, we want you to dream with us too!


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