Cape Cod Winter Tips


  • Posted by Melanie Nayer  January 28, 2013 09:20 AM


Melanie has written an excellent article on winter travel tips when visiting Cape Cod.  The following are excerpts from her blog post with my additions or comments in parenthesis.

While the rest of the world flocks to Cape Cod for the summer months, local New Englanders know the beauty that Cape Cod beholds in the off-season.

Snow-covered beach walks (like Paines Creek), hot chocolate strolls, slow-roasted dinners, after-dinner drinks by the fire in the bar. These are the things that make Cape Cod worthy of a winter escape. Add to this the discounted (Bed & Breakfast), hotel and resort rates, and relatively empty stores and restaurants (read: no waiting in long lines or reservations necessary), and you’ve got yourself a great weekend getaway at a fraction of the price.

A few things you should know before you go:

  • Cape Cod is (quiet) in the winter months, which means a lot of shopping and restaurants you would frequent in-season are shut down from November – February or March. This is your time to try something new. Make a reservation somewhere you would normally have a hard time getting into during the high-tourist season and enjoy a leisurely dinner.
  • Regardless of when you visit the Cape, the beach will be hard to resist. Enjoy a morning or afternoon walk in the snow-sprinkled sand. You’ll see plenty of people walking their dogs, going for a jog or taking photos. Bundle up and join the fun.  (Try the National Seashore and there will be no problem finding a parking space.)
  • While many bars and restaurants are open, the hours are varied to accommodate to the slower season. Call ahead before you go to make sure your favorite hole-in-the-wall bar is open or that the restaurant you want to dine in is accepting reservations.
  • The nice thing about visiting the Cape off-season is the opportunity for more hotel amenities, like easy upgrades, thanks to low occupancy. However, low occupancy means there might be fewer staff on call, so be patient. (But not here at the Sea Meadow Inn!) Just kick back and relax.



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