Cape Cod History-Dillingham House, Brewster

John Dillingham’s fine old salt box home still stands on Main Street (Route 6A) in Brewster. His son John inherited his father’s land and it stayed in the family for generations. He lived in an area that was first considered part of Yarmouth and then Harwich, but is present day Brewster.
 Dillingham House Brewster0001
John Dillingham house in Brewster
Jeremiah Diggs wrote that John Dillingham gave the Indians a grand hornswoggling for his land, but the exact year in which his house was built cannot be determined. Later owners have put the year of 1660 on it but Dillingham didn’t come to Brewster until about 1668. On June 24 of that year, he bought the lot for this house from Thomas Prence. John came down from Sandwich after his neighbor John Wing had gone there and sent back word saying, in effect, “There is a chance to make a killing here if you get in on the ground floor, John. With these Indians, it’s like taking candy from a kid.” John came, bought up everything in sight, and died at 85, the richest man in town.
John died at Harwich (now Brewster) on 21 May 1715. “Mr John Diligham died in May the 21 day 1715.” He is buried at the Old Burying Ground, aka Dillingham Cemetery, in Brewster.
The house was renovated while retaining its historical value and is now for sale!
Dillingham House
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