Cape Cod Gardening

Gardening on Cape Cod can be a challenge with sandy soil, salty winds, and a summers when rain is sparse. For these reasons, many homeowners fill their gardens with Hydrangea, ornamental grasses, and other hardy plants. In our gardens, we have also relied heavily on these plant stalwarts. While all are interesting and colorful in their respective seasons, we’ve decided that more color and interest is needed. But like all amateur gardeners, it has seemed to be a daunting task to create and maintain a new garden. So, with a little searching online, we found a great website that not only offers garden plans, but also tips on planting and maintaining these gardens.


At Better Homes & Gardens, you’ll find an easy-to-use garden planner divided into categories such as full sun, full shade, drought-resistant, and difficult soil conditions. With just a little time researching, you’ll quickly find a variety of garden plans to meet your needs. Each downloadable plan comes with tips on preparing the garden, planting, and maintaining your new garden. Unlike gardening books, many expensive, the website makes it easy to view and choose the garden plans that will bring years of enjoyment.

At the Inn, we have a number of garden areas in need of rejuvenation. One area is under the large maple tree in the backyard which is very shady in the summer. The other main areas that we’re going to tackle this year is at the front of the original house and the area near our sign facing Main Street, which get full sun from dawn to dusk. With the Better Homes & Gardens planner, we’ll be creating some beautiful spots for our guests to enjoy. Now all we need is some spring weather to be able to begin gardening!easy care.jpg.rendition.p




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